Frequently Asked Questions

PAR - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why can't I view the Practice Assessment Record?
  • Can I see what the online Practice Assessment Document looks like?
  • Why can't my Practice Assessor/Assigned Educator access my PAR document?
  • What are Online PARE digital signatures?
  • How do digital signatures work and how are they applied?
  • How do I add a counter signature?
  • How do I know that text has been digitally signed?
  • How do I alter text that has been digitally signed?
  • My practice assessor/supervisor/educator can't sign-off certain sections of my PAR document?
  • My PAR document is set to read-only - how do I alter it?
  • When is my PAR document set to become read-only?
  • Why are some parts of my PAR documents locked or read-only and how do I edit them?
  • How long will my practice assessor/supervisor/educator have access to my PAR document?
  • Who can see my PAR document?
  • Can a practice assessor/supervisor/educator digitally sign student sections?
  • How can I give my previous practice assessor/supervisor/educator access to my PAR document?