Frequently Asked Questions

Stakeholder discussion points

  • How is the star rating is established?
  • Can I see a clear list of the standard evaluation questions?
  • Is there be a minimum return quota before a placement receives a star rating (eg. 3-5 returns)?
  • Do ratings have an expiry date? (will the negative ratings remain in place indefinitely?)
  • Can the star rating be broken down by profession?
  • Can a summary of how the information within the Evaluation Tool will be shared to support quality surveillance within the North West region be communicated?
  • Can Ward Managers view/ edit all practice areas or is access restricted to their associated practice areas?
  • What information is required to create a PEF/practice assessor/educator/manager account? Are we recording our role/professional registration/mentor status etc. within the profile information?
  • Does PARE offer administration level access for Senior Managers that enables them to log in, view data and add to action plans etc, when necessary?