Upcoming Training Dates

Upcoming Training Sessions

Practice Assessment Record (PAR) Training Sessions

Sessions already arranged are listed below, and further sessions can be arranged within your organisation by contacting us at info@onlinepare.net

Upcoming Traning Sessions

HEI Senior Admin - Placement Coordinators| Fri 26th March | 2:00pm

Placement Educators | Wed 1st April | 12:00pm 

Audit Tool - Yorkshire Humberside | Thu 15th April | 2:00pm

Placement Educators /Students | Tue 27th April | 12:00pm

Placement Senior Admin | Tue 4th May | 2:00pm

Placement Educators | Mon 17th May | 12:00pm

Placement Education Leads | Wed 9th June | 2:00pm

Students | Thu 17th June | 12:00pm

Provisional Dates

HEI Senior Admin – Placement Coordinators | Fri 17th September |10:00am

Placement Educators | Tue 28th September | 12:00pm

Placement Education Leads | Thu 7th October | 2:00pm

Students | Wed 20th October | 12:00pm Register Here

Placement Senior Admin | Wed 3rd November | 2:00pm

Placement Educators | Fri 19th November | 12:00pm

Audit Tool - Yorkshire Humberside | Mon 29th November | 2:00pm

Students | Wed 8th December | 12:00pm