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Welcome To The Practice Assessment Record & Evaluation Tool


The Online Practice Assessment Record and Evaluation (PARE) has been funded by Health Education England (Northwest and York and Humber) since 2013 as both the definitive healthcare practice placement quality monitoring tool, and as a means of shaping information technology integration and development across healthcare practice learning. Designed by a team hosted within the University of Chester; PARE is the result of a substantial collaboration of Northwest university and healthcare provider organisations.

PARE provides four key deliverables across the system:

  1. Generation of real-time multi professional practice capacity, usage, learner results, and placement quality metrics.
  2. Multi professional, and cross organisation 'real time' educator registers.
  3. Collaboration and standardisation of online practice learning assessment and practice hour monitoring (Apprentice and standard university learners).
  4. Online standardised preceptorship and other metrics for a range of NW NHS stakeholders.

In addition, PARE also provides

  1. Online portfolio of anonymised evidence for practice assessor / supervisor activities.
  2. API linkage to 3rd party placement management systems.
  3. Collation of theory hours / attendance report functionality (e.g. apprenticeship protected learning time, work based learning and non-programme hours).
  4. Instant messaging and cross organisation communication aids to support clinical educator / learner / university integrated working.